There had been several weight loss diets and tips that people follow through out the U.S.But people have always been misled in to believing that weight loss means not to eat and only to run on tread mills.Here are five accurate weight loss tips that every U.S. citizen can follow:

1)Eat Breakfast:Its more about timing the breakfast than eating more.Skipping breakfast can make your body hang on to its fat stores making it harder to loose weight.

2)Give Up Gluten: Don’t feel amazed avoid this and you can see the results for yourself.

3)Keep legs busy:Cold legs are fat legs.Cycling in the evening or taking a long jog can have tremendous results even though its generally a gradual process.Prepare a timetable daily for this.

4)Never ever drink coke:Another old school technique that certainly works.There is no science behind it but it works.

5)No sausages:Cutting out beer,choclates,biscuts etc. to a certain limit is a major tip for weight loss.If you cant handle this then there is no use in following the rest of the tips.


Neymar :Can he surpass the likes of Messi and Ronaldo?

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Neymar has grown from being a simple kid to a rising star over the past few years.He’s agile, quick, pacey and skillful on the ball.Here we analyse whether he is up to the task in competing with Messi and Ronaldo. Ofcourse comparison between players is difficult since they are not of same style of play,they differ in their age,each outweigh the other in certain aspects but an overall strategic analysis can be planned out on the basis of common factors such as goals scored,form,fame etc…

Neymar has already scored 43 goals for Brazil which is the 4th highest for Brazilian national team just behind Pele(77),ronaldo….etc… and by the current form he will definitely get past Pele.If you look at his performance in Brazil national team you can understand that he’s already ahead of Ronaldo in terms of national performance who has scored only 52 goals so far for Potugal. Comming to club performance I agree he’s not yet close in terms achievements but he can by time surely surpass Ronaldo if he maintains his form and ofcourse you have to see that with Messi on side it was difficult even for ibrahimovic.So with Messi if he had given this much performance he could even just replace Messi and we had seen that he could do it. when Messi was absent for 2 or3 weeks due to injury he executed the role perfectly.On comparing Ronaldo vs Neymar, both at 23 years of age I have got to say Neymar is twice ahead of Ronaldo.


So there is no doubt he could surpass ronaldo at the current form he continues but only time can tell in reality.Statistics show that the best player to have played along side Messi is Neymar itself.Both of them have played along side for two seasons now and neymar is of course on his way to be on top on the basis of current statistics when all the three superstars pile up at the end of their career.

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