There had been several weight loss diets and tips that people follow through out the U.S.But people have always been misled in to believing that weight loss means not to eat and only to run on tread mills.Here are five accurate weight loss tips that every U.S. citizen can follow:

1)Eat Breakfast:Its more about timing the breakfast than eating more.Skipping breakfast can make your body hang on to its fat stores making it harder to loose weight.

2)Give Up Gluten: Don’t feel amazed avoid this and you can see the results for yourself.

3)Keep legs busy:Cold legs are fat legs.Cycling in the evening or taking a long jog can have tremendous results even though its generally a gradual process.Prepare a timetable daily for this.

4)Never ever drink coke:Another old school technique that certainly works.There is no science behind it but it works.

5)No sausages:Cutting out beer,choclates,biscuts etc. to a certain limit is a major tip for weight loss.If you cant handle this then there is no use in following the rest of the tips.


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